Claire Catty200
Claire Catty200
Gender: Girl
Hair color:       Orange
Eye color:       Blue
Species: Cat
Age: 23
Birthday: 4/24/89
Personal Information
  T.U.F.F. Agent
  Everyone in the Company
  All bad guys
  To defeat all bad guys and keep Petropolis safe
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Operation: Operation
Last Appearance:
Voiced by:
Andrea Libman

Claire Catty200 is a female cat T.U.F.F. agent and is one of the main characters in T.U.F.F. Company.


Even though Claire cares for her friends and wants to keep the city safe, she can get really off task! Claire is known to be goofy, silly, derpy and even said once by Matt, a nuisance. But even because of this, she's also known of being kind. She has shown doing nice things for others, and loves any type of fun. When there's a problem, she'll want to fix it. She's ready for any mission, but sometimes gets scared and chickens out. She is also to have some fears. It is known that she is afraid of heights, shown in several episodes. She sometimes gets scared by various random things that happen in episodes. But she does have some moments of bravery, standing up to villains, and being there for her friends.


  • Dudley: Claire and Dudley seldom talk, but if they do, they're nice to each other and friendly, considering their personalities are similar.
  • Kitty: Kitty and Claire talk sometimes. Whenever Kitty's around, Claire seems to always look up to her and ask for advice.
  • Keswick: These two usually don't chat, but Claire always seems to need one of Keswick's inventions for a mission.
  • Chief: Claire is always happy to except a mission from Cheif.
  • Ralph: Claire really likes Ralph and enjoys his company. They are usually seen chatting or going on a mission.
  • Crazy: Crazy is Claire's best friend plus partner. She likes hanging out with her and enjoys the missions the 2 encounter.
  • Agent R: Claire likes R's company. She thinks he's really smart and looks up to him as a rolemodel.
  • WonderKat200: Not much is known; Claire enjoys hearing WonderKat talk about fried chicken
  • Agent 12428: Claire really likes Agent 12428 and cares about him a lot.
  • Maria: They aren't considered best freinds, but just like the rest of the company, she is nice to Maria and thinks of her as a friend.
  • Amo: Not much is known: Claire is impressed with Amo's athletic skill.
  • Chito: Not much is known: Claire thinks of Chito as a good friend.
  • Fairly: Not much is known: Claire thinks of Fairly as a good friend.